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Pep goes to Germany

It’s official. At the end of the season, the man we’ve all been waiting to make a comeback will join Bayern Munich as their new manager in July. After being linked with every club with deep pockets and billionaire owners, Pep Guardiola surprises us all once again. We’re going to let this one process for a moment, but what are your thoughts on the Catalan maestro making his return to football in the Bundesliga? Is success on the horizon, or will he await a challenge much more difficult than the one presented to him when he began his tenure at the Camp Nou?

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Getting Schooled by 3NIL.

Our friends at 3NIL are back, and this time they’re paying homage to two of the world’s most famous football academies, or schools, in the world. Without further ado, here are ‘La Masia’ and ‘Clairefontaine’.

These two schools have given us an incredible amount of talent from the likes of Xavi, Gallas, Fabregas, Anelka, Messi and Henry. These two famous institutions are renowned around the world for providing the best in football education.

Minimalist and clean designs highlight each school in their respective colours allowing fans of the beautiful game to wear these shirts anywhere they like.

‘La Masia’ and ‘Clairefontaine’. The most famous schools in football. You never had the chance to walk in Thierry Henry or Xavi’s footsteps, but at least you can pretend…

These are both available exclusively at Also find 3NIL on Twitter at @threenildotcom.

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LYON: where the magic happens in threes

Our ladies have it all : Champions League, Coupe de France and now… D1 Championship winners!

And for the first time in history of French women’s football, a team wins all the competitions it is involved in.

OL comes first in the D1 championship table for the sixth year in a row, making last night’s 0-3 win against Juvisy even more historical - if it were ever possible.

Just a few figures for you to picture how amazing the Olympique Lyonnais Féminin is, 2011/2012 :

  • 119 goals scored, ONLY 3 conceded - in 22 D1 championship games
  • 6th D1 title in a row (10)
  • 2nd Champions League winner in a row
  • 4 Coupes de France

The ladies team never failed to perform a great show for us, playing and enjoying every moment they spend together on the pitch, making the most of every occasion to play that they have. Such harmony and happiness results in making of Patrice Lair’s player a real winning-machine. UNSTOPPABLE.


When asked what the secret of victory is, Camille Abily cheekily replied :

“After each win, we eat sweets. It makes us stronger”

Another confession from coach Lair, after winning the UEFA Women’s Champions League :

“I think I surprised the girls before the game as I did something I never do: I kissed every one of them. It was to show that I was behind them. And it’s true that I love them for the moments of pure joy they have given me for two years”

Unconditional love for football, happiness, will-power, quest for offensive and defensive perfection. This is how we do it up in Lyon ;)

Bravo les filles pour le triplé, you’re making us so proud.

See you at the Olympics !